14. März 2022

Road Lesson 22 (2022)

Diese Lesson dient zur Wiederholung und Vertiefung. Daher gibt es hier keinen Dialog.

Im Vokabelquiz kommen Wörter aus den drei letzten Lessons vor:


Zum Vokabelquiz

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What is the meaning of "to offer something" ?

Please tick the right answer!



What can your hear?

Tick the two right answers, please!

Please look at the picture!

What are the two right terms ? Tick them, please!


What do you need (brauchen) for an "evening attire"?

Three answers are right!



What is the correct translation for "ein Foto machen"?


Please listen - then tick the two right answers!



Look at the picture, please!

What is the right term?



What is the difference between "some/something" and "any/anything" ?

Choose the correct answer, please!

What is the meaning of "to be scared" ?

Tick the right answer, please!

What is the meaning of "to take care of something"?


Please have a look at the picture below (unten, unterhalb)!

What is the correct meaning?