11. September 2019

Easy talk Lesson 29

A new neighbour


Susan: Hello, my name is Susan; I am your new neighbour.
Neighbour: My name is Chris. Nice to meet you Susan!
It is nice to
see a new face around.
Susan: Sounds like there is normally not much movement in
the area.
Chris: Well, not really. People love living here, because the
area has a good reputation.
Susan: Is that so? Why? I thought everybody wanted to live
on the waterfront.
Chris: Well, that was the case a couple of years ago.
Now, the
best place to be is here, in the old industrial quarter.
Susan: I should have known that when I saw how much the
average rent was.
Chris: The rent is actually quite decent.
It is the pressure
you are put under when it comes to cars, appearances and activities.
Susan: That does sound challenging.
So, how do you manage
to keep up with that?
Chris: Well, I work in sales for a big company, and I drive a
BMW as a company car.
But honestly, I don’t really
care what car I’m driving, as long as it has space for my two dogs.
Susan: What kind of dogs have you got?

Chris: I have two Rottweilers.

Susan: I wonder what the neighbours think about that.
have a reputation for being dangerous.
Chris: Let’s say, it took some time, but now everyone accepts
People around here know now that mine are
But before, they got weird looks all the time.

Susan: I can imagine. Do you have any activities in common
with the neighbours?
Chris: Not really. I enjoy going to barbecues once in a while.
But I’ve never accepted an invitation for a sailing trip or anything like that, if you know what I mean.
Susan: I see. Well, I am curious to see how I will get along
with the neighbours.
I am glad that you live right
next door!
You should come over for a cup of coffee
whenever you have time and meet my husband.
Chris: I’d love to! Thank you.

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