9. September 2019

Easy talk Lesson 28

Theft: A pickpocket

Officer: Hello madam. How can I help you?
Woman: My handbag has been stolen.

Officer: I’m sorry, when was your handbag stolen?

Woman: About 15 minutes ago.

Officer: Where did it happen?

Woman: I was at Trafalgar Square taking pictures. Suddenly I felt
someone pushing me.
I stumbled and then I noticed my
handbag was gone.
Officer: Did you see anyone suspicious?

Woman: I am not sure.
There was a woman walking behind me
for a while, but I mean there are so many people on Trafalgar Square.
I can’t really tell.

Officer: Can you describe the woman anyway?

Woman: She was rather young, between 25 and 30.
She was quite
short and slim, and I think she had blonde hair.
She was
wearing a hat, but I could see some hair underneath.
Officer: What was she wearing?

Woman: She was wearing eye-catching pink shoes.
Apart from
those,  everything else was sort of unobtrusive.
She was
wearing blue jeans and a grey coat.
Officer: That might be helpful. Now tell me, what exactly was in
your handbag!
Woman: Everything!

Officer: Could you be more specific about what you are missing?

Woman: There was my purse, my camera, my mobile phone, my
perfume, my gloves, my sunglasses and worst of all: my passport!

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